Revenue Surge is an experienced results-orientated online marketing and technology company, with a focus on developing websites for direct response and online advertisers. We specialize in creating highly profitable campaigns through custom graphics design, online advertising, and detailed marketing analysis.

After working in this industry since 1999, the Revenue Surge executive team has had the opportunity to help develop or directly manage many highly successful products. Our goal is to manage the entire process from A to Z for our clients so they are able to focus on developing new products and managing their offline campaigns.

Customized Creative Design

When it comes to website design that focuses on generating high conversions and sales, Revenue Surge is by far the industry leader in the field. With decades of combined experience, Revenue Surge understands that well thought out graphics and product messaging are the main components to turning a website visitor into a paying customer. We’ve created, tested and analyzed thousands of web sites and campaign specific media creative, to develop a wealth of knowledge that allows us to maximize our client’s campaign ROI.

Secure E-commerce Solutions

Revenue Surge’s ecommerce solutions have been developed by the creators of “the original one page order process”. Whether you are looking for a single page order process or a complex multi-product shopping cart, our team has the right solution for you.

A streamlined order process can be the difference from a profitable online campaign and a loss. Time and time again our unique combination of amazing creative and a flexible e-commerce platform generate higher conversions then what our clients were previously seeing.

thawteOur order process is completely secure, utilizing a Thawte Secure Certificate and industry best practices such as fully encrypting sensitive customer information to ensure PCI compliance.

Thawte Security maintains a 40% market share of the global SSL market, and nothing insures customer confidence more than seeing the Thawte Secure Certificate logo.

Campaign Management

reportingRevenue Surge is able to handle all aspects of your online campaign including graphic design, split testing optimization, sales and traffic reporting, data analysis, and advertising. Our clients view us as an extension of their company and we provide them with the best service possible.

Revenue Surge has developed a number of proprietary tools over the years that allow our team to analyze campaign performance metrics in real time which is necessary to capitalize on dynamic trends seen in online advertising.

Revenue Surge also has the ability to interface with your fulfillment company to insure that your orders are passed securely so that they can be shipped to your customers. Additionally, our system can also connect with your merchant processor to allow real time or batch credit card processing.

Hosting/Email Solutions

rackspaceWhen you become a client of Revenue Surge, your hosting and email accounts are completely free. All servers are monitored 24/7 by and their Cisco network is under constant scrutiny from their highly skilled staff to ensure peak performance and maximum security at all times.

Our dedicated servers utilize four (4) Gigabit Ethernet connections from multiple providers which terminate in the data center. Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) mitigation and multiple levels of firewall protection and load balancing are available to keep your data flowing smoothly and securely.

Online Sale Retention Tools

We see it all the time, companies leaving money on the table without even realizing it. Revenue Surge has developed various solutions to combat this problem, which consist of exit sales pages, automated customer emails, cross-sells, and much more.

Our custom designed exit sales pages, have been shown to increase sales incrementally by over 40%. Here is how the process works. A visitor comes to your web site and decides that the price is to high or the offer is not appealing enough. When they leave the web site, a pop-up message asks if they would like a coupon code to save on their purchase or even to try the product free. Since these were customers that were already leaving your site, this is the perfect time to down sell them on a better offer.

Regular automated email is another great way to maintain communication with your customers. Whether it be to sell additional product or to continue branding of your company, regular correspondence is important to your overall marketing strategy.

SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.

It is important to partner with an internet company that understands why protecting your brand is key. If your web site is not ranked at the top of the first page of listings, then your brand is not being protected properly. By allowing other companies to outrank your website you are not in control what the consumer reads about your product. This can be particularly damaging, especially on your own product and brand name search terms. A top ranking also forces negative product reviews and complaints lower in the search results where they are less likely to be noticed.

Our developers customize each page to ensure that the meta tags, header, graphics and content are optimized to maximize your page rank. By utilizing Google Site Maps and Yahoo Submit Pro, along with a number of other site submission tools, your site will be routinely spidered by the search engines. When combined with strong inbound links from a variety of industry authority web properties, your website will generate and maintain for the long term top search rankings.

Revenue Surge additionally utilizes social media, press releases, article development, social bookmarking, link building, blogging and online communities, to drive additional traffic through non-traditional online sources.

Online Media Buying

Revenue Surge is an expert in the PPC and CPC avenues of advertising. We will manage all aspects of your pay-per-click marketing strategy from set-up, to keyword and phrase development, and analysis. Tracking the profitability of these campaigns in real time is critical, if you do not have the necessary experience or tools to watch these active campaigns diligently, you can compromise your ROI. This complex task is something that we handle on a daily basis and are extremely successful at creating nice profits for our clients.

PPC | Pay-Per-Click Management

Our team has extensive experience utilizing PPC and CPC avenues to advertise our client’s online. We manage all aspects of the pay-per-click marketing strategy from set-up, to keyword and phrase development, and results analysis. Tracking the profitability of these campaigns in real time is critical to the success of the campaign. This complex task is something that we have handled on a daily basis for the past 10 years. Without the necessary experience or tools to watch these active campaigns diligently, your ROI can quickly become compromised.

You can be confident that your campaigns are being managed properly and efficiently by tracking the results of your sales in our real time order client management system. With increased competition on broad terms and branded terms it is imperative that you have a seasoned pay-per-click management team. The paid search options are numerous, and understanding which of these options is right for your campaign is key to your success.

Social Media Marketing

Engaging your existing or new customers through social media is a little bit more complex then throwing up a Facebook page or submitting a few Tweets on Twitter. This unique form of Internet marketing promotes dynamic branding and marketing communication through various social networks like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn, social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon, social media sharing websites Flickr and Youtube, review/ratings sites like ePinions and BizRate, coupon aggregators like Groupons and Living Social, blogs, forums, and news aggregators. All of these social media markets can be optimized to generate targeted incremental traffic for your campaign.

Revenue Surge creates a custom plan for each client using a mix of social marketing avenues to deliver the specific business objectives they desire. We understand that your company, content and product deserve the best and social media marketing can be a large component of your success.

CRM | Customer Relationship Management

Revenue Surge has developed an interactive platform utilizing technology and manpower to manage their client’s interaction with their individual customers. We save our clients time and money by becoming their internal customer service department.

Using our turn-key system, we can handle any type of questions and any amount of volume. Every customer question will be answered promptly by a Revenue Surge agent. This also enables us to re-market to your existing customers and generate new customers which is necessary for a successful campaign. If you are looking to outsource these daily tasks, our staff can provide that service for you.

A/B and Multivariate Testing

Revenue Surge provides a method of testing by which a baseline control sample is compared to a variety of single-variable test samples. This method has been used within the interactive space to test tactics such as web sites, banner ads, emails and landing pages. Just as you test different ad copy and ad spots in print, radio and TV, you need to do the same online. Just a change to a few images can bring about a 20% lift in conversion.

Once the best general design has been determined using simple split testing, we’re able to start the intensive multivariate process where combinations of small graphic, text, and price changes are tested at the same time. This allows us to make finite alterations to determine which is the most effective combination of onpage elements depending on the traffic source to maximize profit.

Email Marketing

Marketing to an in house email list or renting an opt-in list from a broker is a great way to test offers and drive sales. In addition to running our own email campaigns, our team also has experience working with outside affiliates or resellers to market our products online via email. This knowledge helps us develop email creative that customers take action on, while keeping costs down.